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    Before reading further, please verify that the .htaccess file has been uploaded.

    As part of the compatibility checklist, mod_rewrite needs to be enabled.

    If you get a 404 error when installing Newsletter+, this means mod_rewrite may not be enabled.

    Some hosts returns a 404 error even when it’s enabled. To fix this, try adding the following line to Newsletter+ .htaccess file right after the line RewriteEngine On:

    RewriteBase / if your installation URL looks like http://mydomain.com or http://newsletter.mydomain.com


    RewriteBase /newsletter if your installation URL looks like http://mydomain.com/newsletter

    If both lines does not work, create a .htaccess file (if it does not exist) in your root directory with this line:

    RewriteBase /

    If everything fails, mod_rewrite is not enabled on your server, consult your host to enable mod_rewrite.

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