• What's new in Jule 2014?

    Delivery schedule

    Delivery schedule is coming.

    Now after you create your email campaign, it can be sent now or can be scheduled to send at any time in the future using Newsletter Plus Software built-in scheduling wizard.

    It's very simple. Just select the campaign and sending time.

    Bottom text

    Now you can add bottom text to all letters sended from your site. We added wisywig editor and tags. Also you can setup bottom text only if letter don't have unsubscribe link.

    Pause sending

    By popular demand we have added a pause button. Now you can easily put your newsletter to pause or continue sending.

    Smarty tags on your pages

    Now when you edit your site pages you can add smarty tags.

    Script will say you if content have errors.

    Also you can enable landing page mode and your page will be displayed without site styles. You can add own styles and scripts to the page.

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