• API documentation for Newsletter Plus Software

    How access the API?

    Working with the API provided using sending HTTP-requests (methods GET, POST) at:

    Replace to your site address.

    You can use the HTTP or HTTPS. Encoding: UTF-8. Sample query:;;=example&format;=xml

    Required query parameters

    method (called method type "category.metod" eg 'mailing_lists.get_list')
    username (login for authorization)
    password (password for authorization)

    The result data

    The answer can be in one of several formats. To select it use a variable format:

    JSON (default)

    API returns the data structured as follows:

    message about the action as an array with the keys - numeric error code (0 - no errors), - text message, - message type (message - there is no error, notice and error - error)
    requested data as an array, if any.

    Problems? Questions?

    If you encounter any problems or you think that the method does not work? Write on and you quickly and professionally answered by our developers.

    The error codes

    1 - Error
    2 - Error when adding to the database
    3 - No address database with the specified id
    4 - No Subscriber with the specified id
    5 - Subscriber already been removed from the address base
    6 - Incorrect Email
    7 - Email not exists
    8 - Subscriber already exists
    9 - Reached the maximum number of address bases (go to paid mailing lists for expand)
    10 - Reached the maximum number of address bases (go to paid packages for expand)
    11 - Reached the maximum number of subscribers (go to paid subscribers for expand)
    12 - Reached the maximum number of subscribers (go to paid packages for expand)
    13 - Subscriber already been added to the address base
    14 - User already exists
    15 - Registration is disabled
    999 - Unknown Error

    Categories of methods

    mailing_lists - To operate with Address Bases
    subscribers - To operate with Subscribers

    Categories in the development

    email_newsletters - To operate with Email Newsletters
    patterns - To operate with Email Templates
    forms - To operate with Subscription Forms
    email_servers - To operate with Email Servers and Email API
    messages - To operate with Messages
    news - To operate with News
    payments - To operate with Payments
    services - To operate with Services
    users - To operate with Account

    Methods to operate with Address Bases

    mailing_lists.get_list - Get list of address bases
    mailing_lists.get_count - Get count of address bases
    mailing_lists.add - Adding address base
    mailing_lists.update - Update address base
    mailing_lists.delete - Remove address base
    mailing_lists.get_subscribers_count - Get the number of subscribers in address base
    mailing_lists.get_subscribers_list - Get the list of subscribers in address base
    mailing_lists.unsubscribe - unsubscribe subscriber from address base
    mailing_lists.delete_subscribers - Remove all subscribers from address base

    Methods to operate with Subscribers

    subscribers.get_settings - Get subscribers script settings
    subscribers.get_list - Get list of subscribers
    subscribers.get_count - Get count of subscribers
    subscribers.add - Adding subscriber
    subscribers.update - Update subscriber
    subscribers.delete - Remove subscriber
    subscribers.get_subscriptions - Get subscriptions of subscriber
    subscribers.subscribe - Subscribe to address base
    subscribers.unsubscribe - Unsubscribe from address base

    Categories in the development

    Coming soon...

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