• How to Start a Commercial Email Marketing Company

    Email marketing companies help small, medium and larges businesses connect online with existing customers to promote the sale of goods and services. Outsourcing email marketing services allows businesses to focus on other areas of business development. Starting an email marketing company requires skills in creating email content and design elements that persuade customers to immediately make a purchase. An understanding of Internet marketing is also useful when creating email marketing campaigns targeted at specific customers.

    Step 1

    Draft a business plan for your email marketing company. A business plan helps you stay on track during each phase of business development. Your business plan should contain at least four sections and include a description your business and the types of clients you want to attract, startup and monthly costs, licenses needed to run your business and a marketing strategy to help promote your services.

    Step 2

    Purchase Newsletter Plus Software or subscribe to an email marketing service to create and monitor client marketing campaigns. Install Newsletter Plus Software on your web server (hosting) to store multiple client email lists, send mass email messages to those on client email lists, create email design templates and conduct market analysis to track email conversion rates--percentage of people who purchase goods and services from an email.

    Step 3

    Create a website to advertise your email marketing company online. Include the features and benefits of hiring a commercial email marketing company, contact information, work-related experience, sample email, client list, testimonials of satisfied clients and terms of service information. Terms of service information may include prices for email template design and email delivery to those on client email lists, specialized email marketing packages for small, medium- and large-sized companies and payment options.

    Step 4

    Create a marketing strategy to attract clients. Join social networking sites, such as The E-mail Marketer's Club, to meet other email marketers and those looking to hire an email marketing company. Compile a list of potential clients using local business directories. Contact potential clients by phone or send an email demonstrating your email marketing abilities.

    Step 5

    Register your business to obtain a business license. Register your business as a limited liability company, corporation or partnership.

    Things Needed

    1. Business plan

    2. Newsletter Plus Software

    3. Website

    4. Marketing strategy

    5. Business license


    Participate in Internet marketing or email marketing courses or seminars at local colleges, vocational schools or online at least once a year to keep up with the latest trends in email marketing.


    Familiarize yourself with state and federal anti-spamming laws. Spamming occurs when unsolicited emails are sent repeatedly to email addresses.

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