• How to configure sending settings and add Email server

    Without the correct settings your letters will not be sent. So we wrote this article to help you properly configure sending Emails.

    1. Basic Sending settings
    2. What is Email server in our platform?
    3. Adding new Email server

    These are questions we review today.

    Basic Sending settings

    You can find this settings in Admin mode -> Settings -> Sending settings. See example below:

    Sending letters per minute - This is the speed of sending your emails. To avoid deadlocks server we installed sending up to 60 emails per minute by default. Most web hosts can not send faster than 60 emails per minute, and send some much slower. But if you use a VPS/VDS or dedicated server solutions , theoretically your server can send faster. Do not change this setting yourself, because this may cause hang your server. Please contact our customer support, we will test a maximum send speed on your server.

    Sender Email and Sender name - are the parameters that indicate from where and from whom they receive letters. Mainly for Email alerts, but also for letters from users who do not specify these settings in account settings. Do not use special characters in these parameters.

    There are lots of ways to send letters. For example: Mail function in PHP, server application Sendmail, Postal SMTP-server, and many API to send emails. Not to add to the script a lot of settings, we decided to call all the ways of sending as Email server. You can choose the type of Email server when adding.

    Adding new Email server

    To add a new Email Server, go to the Admin Mode -> Settings -> Sending settings -> Email Servers and click Add.

    Mail solution - This parameter indicates which program will send your letters.

    Name - Name of your's Email server.

    Charset - Character's encoding in your letters. Use default utf-8 because script work with utf-8 charset. If you do not specify this option the letter will not be sent.

    Quota per hour - if your server has a limit for sending enter this limit here.

    User agent name - This parameter tells the addressee of letter which program was sent letter. Use only letters without special characters, numbers, or spaces.

    Mail path - this parameter indicates where Sendmail program is located on the server. Method is used only when sending through Sendmail.

    SMTP host, port, username, password, and encryption type - this is the default setting for sending via SMTP.

    "Usage for" section - You can specify for what purpose will be used Your email server. Email alerts, Email newsletters etc.

    "Access to Email with bounces" section contains settings for IMAP access to your mailbox containing Bounce messages. Host, email and password - it's the default settings for access. IMAP protocol - it is specific settings. Use "imap/notls" by default. If it is not work please contact with us for testing and configuration.

    "DKIM Settings" section is needed if your server does not automatically DKIM signed.

    Email for abuse reports - to ​​this address will be sent a warning about spam from your script.

    Sender Email - this address to communicate with the administration of your Mailing Service, it is also possible about spam.

    You may be wondering how to set up Amazon SES API to send emails.

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