• Send newsletters, 100x cheaper via Amazon SES

    Amazon SES is a fairly inexpensive way to send mass mailings as well as letters, coupled with certain transactions on the site. Amazon SES API is already integrated in the Newsletter Plus Software and releases from the routine to configure SMTP.

    Prices for mailing $ 0.10 per 1,000 emails. Just take into account the volume of outgoing traffic. First gig - free, and the rest - according to the table below.

    Let's set up for Amazon SES.


    First, you need to register if you have not yet registered. It's quick, easy and free.

    Then you need to confirm that you have access to mailboxes that are going to send mail (you can add new boxes at any time as well as remove already added).

    To do this, go to the SES Control Panel and click on the Verified Senders -> Verify a New Email Address. Write the desired address and press OK. To the specified address will instantly email with a link that you must click to confirm. After this, your box will appear in the list of confirmed, and it can send a test email.

    After that you should get access to the real delivery. This can be done by link.

    On the form you must enter all required fields: name, phone number, address of your site, or at least one of the sites which will be used for delivery. Also checkmark for what purposes will be sent letters. We ticked all.

    Consideration our bid took about 16 hours.

    Send letters

    After approval your bid by Amazon employees (must reach the appropriate letter).

    Now we need to get the settings to send emails. We go here and see the tab Access Keys. You need to create Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to connect to the API.

    To get the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, you need to click on Create New Access Key.

    Now you are ready to send messages via Amazon SES.

    About quota

    Amazon SES has restrictions on sending messages. Initial value is typically set to 10,000 letters a day at a frequency of no more than 5 messages per second.

    On their website they write that the quota is lifted automatically. We had a situation when it was sent to 9800 and the number is growing but not quota rose. We recommend increasing the quota right hand to protect themselves from unnecessary problems.

    This is done very simply.

    Go here and fill the form field. It is important to provide a link to a page where you offer your users to subscribe to from your site and how to unsubscribe.

    Us for 24 hours increased the quota to 50,000 emails per day.

    Settings in the Newsletter Plus Software

    Go to the Admin Panel -> Settings -> Sending settings -> API systems.

    You need to add (or edit) a system for Amazon. Click on the appropriate button.

    Go to Email servers tab and click on the Add button.

    Activate your Email server associated with Amazon SES API. Mail server is ready for sending.

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