License Agreement

The present License Agreement is between you and PLUS SOFTWARE. By entering into this agreement, PLUS SOFTWARE provides the authority to use the product on the basis of the agreement of Junuary 1, 2013. All rights and responsibilities under the use of the software package on behalf of the copyright owner PLUS SOFTWARE implemented in full. The software includes a set of scripts, and may also include related electronic media, printed materials and electronic documentation, such as Administration and installation manual. When buying, installing, copying, downloading, receiving or in any other manner using a software, you agree to the terms of this license agreement.


1.1. Under this Agreement PLUS SOFTWARE give you the right to use one copy of the software. This license is not exclusive (ordinary). For granting of rights to use the software you pay PLUS SOFTWARE a license fee in the amount specified on the promotional site for the product license. Calculations are made by placing online order through the website advertising the product or other convenient method previously agreed between the parties. The software product will be provided to you in the form of links to download, e-mail attachment, or by other means of Internet communication after payment is confirmed by the payment system and received PLUS SOFTWARE in full.

1.2. This agreement gives you the right to install and use one copy of the software on a single server and a single IP address. Extra copies of the software, even if these extra copies are available on the same server and / or an IP address, is prohibited, except when these additional licenses paid or purchased a license, involves the installation of multiple sites (the multisite license). If paid multisite license, you have the right to install the software on multiple sites on the same server or IP address. The number of servers and the installation conditions are regulated in the description of a multiserver license, provided the advertising site the software.


2.1. All rights to software, including source code, images, photographs, animations, text, which is in the software product, as well as the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the software are protected by applicable law as intellectual property. Any special modifications, translations, or processing of the source code of software do not give you the right to sell, license, distribute in any form of the source code or parts thereof. Creating other products based on this software product, or the use of source code is prohibited.

2.2. The present license agreement, copyright infringement action includes selling, licensing, transfer, or other types of distribution of all or part of the source code of software, and the use of all or any part of the source code to create other software. Copyright infringement under this agreement is also the inclusion of all or part of the source code of software in other software products that a third person or the company sells, licenses, transmit or distribute in any other way. Copyright infringement are also actions aimed at appropriation of any concepts, technologies, concepts, programming techniques or algorithms contained in the source code of software, as well as in the case where the source code of the disputed product has been changed or disguised so that it seems to be different from the source this software. Any access to the source code of software in violation of party will be the proof of copyright infringement under the agreement, even if all his other conditions described above have been met.

2.3. The period of validity of the license agreement is not limited. This Agreement shall automatically terminate if you violate any of its provisions. In this case, you are required to stop further use of the software product, to destroy all copies and components. You agree that in case of violation of the provisions of the Treaty PLUS SOFTWARE is entitled to use any means necessary to protect its copyrights, including remotely, via the internet or remove software to restrict access to its use. Also, if you breach the provisions of this agreement, you lose your right to a refund of the amount paid under this Agreement.

2.4. Marking of the copyright owner of the software (copyright). In all circumstances, you may not remove any copyright marks from the software contained in the code or inside HTML pages, generated by the program. Deleting or Changing record of the author's affiliation will cause the termination of this license agreement. You agree that if you delete notes on copyright, PLUS SOFTWARE will have the right to impose a monetary penalty on you with the termination of the license to use the software. However, you can remove the visible copyright marks, such as links to the site software.

2.5. PLUS SOFTWARE is not responsible for content posted by you to the software product, as well as content provided by third parties.


3.1. You also agree not to disclose or distribute any information about a product in print, electronic or any other format now known and inventions in the future. It is also unacceptable to encourage or request natural or legal person or other organization to perform the actions described above, without the prior written consent PLUS SOFTWARE. It is also not allowed to harm the reputation of PLUS SOFTWARE for the purpose of waiver requests or imposed by this contract. In case of violation of the above provisions of this paragraph of the license agreement, you can be held financially liable in the courts under the current legislation. This financial responsibility is required to compensate for possible losses and is not a punishment and compensation.

3.2. You are responsible for damages PLUS SOFTWARE for any breach of this Agreement, as well as damages resulting from your transmitted data to third parties, both with your consent, and without the latter. Such third parties may be of (individuals) providing services hosting, ISP, your customers, partners and other third parties.

3.3. You agree to take all measures to ensure the stored reference and safe storage of records for the product codes to unauthorized third parties.

3.4. You shall indemnify inflicted PLUS SOFTWARE in case of theft (theft) of all or part of the source code of software, located at that time at your disposal.

3.5. You are solely responsible for the legality of the use of the software, as well as take full responsibility for all activities related to the data that are available to them in the software product.


4.1. PLUS SOFTWARE provides technical support for all licensed copies of the software product, except for technical support are integrated into third-party software application that is carried out by the technical possibilities PLUS SOFTWARE. PLUS SOFTWARE the right to deny technical support integrated into third-party software application that is not working for third-party fault or your fault. PLUS SOFTWARE reserves the right to determine the timing and scope of the assistance provided. Custom requests for support can be executed at an additional cost. PLUS SOFTWARE has the right to request access to files and data base software needed for technical support. In the case of your refusal to provide such data technical support may not be possible.

4.2. Technical support in case of deficiencies which have arisen through your fault, may incur additional charges and is subject to the terms of the additional guarantees provided for such cases.

4.3. If the software provides for updates (subsequent upgrades) that you were guaranteed with the product license, you can apply the update to the original version of the software, or use a new version of the product (one copy on the same server or IP), thus removing the original version software.

4.4. PLUS SOFTWARE, you set the timing and conditions for software updates. You may choose to do the upgrade software or not.

4.5. PLUS SOFTWARE, you set the timing and conditions for software updates. You may choose to do the upgrade software or not.

4.6. PLUS SOFTWARE offers upgrades within the same version or the next version of the software product for free for 12 months from the date of purchase of the original version of the software, if the product description on the website does not provide otherwise. If you request an upgrade within 12 months from the date of purchase of the basic software licenses, software updates will require additional payment. However, installation, data migration, and other activities related to the upgrade version of the software, if any, may require an additional charge.


5.1. Amendment of the license agreement. ou agree that in order to maintain the continuity of the license to use the software, PLUS SOFTWARE the right to make reasonable amendments to the license agreement and publish them on their websites. Following the amendment of the license agreement, further action on the use of your software will be governed by the amendments. The amendments are necessary to protect the intellectual property rights holder and may not include additional fees for the use of the software except for those for which you agreed to when signing this Agreement.

5.2. t is your responsibility to independently track changes, which are published on a particular site. In case of default of this obligation You are all possible risks.

5.3. You agree that PLUS SOFTWARE has the right to mention your name and the name of your site as a customer on the websites PLUS SOFTWARE, printed materials and electronic media. Mention involves placing the logo on your website and link to your site.


6.1. This agreement is valid on the territory of location of the parties.

6.2. This Agreement is made in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.3. All disputes hereunder will be considered in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation at the location PLUS SOFTWARE.

6.4. This Agreement, you acknowledge that you have full legal capacity in the commission of this transaction, the nomination of any requirements under the laws of the Russian Federation.

6.5. In case of violations committed by you on the execution of the item of the license agreement, you agree to indemnify PLUS SOFTWARE all losses related to these disorders and restore the legal validity of this license agreement.


7.1. PLUS SOFTWARE does not guarantee that a copy of the software provided under this contract will meet your requirements or that the management of the site will be uninterrupted or error-free.

7.2. PLUS SOFTWARE is not responsible for possible problems and technical imperfections found in the search in an integrated software application provided by the developer.

7.3. You assume full responsibility for the selection of software for its use and results obtained from the use of the software. PLUS SOFTWARE is not responsible for the fact that the software does not work on your server or computer.

7.4. PLUS SOFTWARE is not liable for any defects caused by your fault. You, in turn, assume all risks and costs for the use of the program and pay any service and correct deficiencies.

7.5. If it is proved that the defects in the software product having the fault PLUS SOFTWARE, the liability of the latter is limited to the amount paid by you under this Agreement.

7.6. Problems installing the program are not grounds for a refund in the amount paid by you.

This contract constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the above parties to the contract, taking into account all outstanding issues and anticipates all subsequent written and oral discussion.