Installing Newsletter Plus Spftware (a PHP app) on Windows Azure to send inexpensive newsletter email via SMTP, Amazon SES API or Mandrill API


  • Newsletter Plus Software is a lovely and polished PHP app that uses SMTP, Amazon's SES (Simple Email Service), Mandrill API or Sendgrid API to send email on the cheap.
  • It's easy to setup PHP apps on Windows Azure.
  • Azure Websites don't have IonCube library. You can find manuals how to add IonCube library in this post.
  • Azure Websites don't support mod_rewrite so you port the rules to a web.config. There's a great Newsletter Plus Software web.config for Windows in this post you are welcome to.
  • Newsletter Plus Software works well on Azure and we sure Newsletter Plus Software works great everywhere.
  • Technical details below.

Making a Newsletter Plus Software PHP app instance on the Windows Azure cloud

Go over to Azure and make a new website with a MySQL database:

Next, inside of Azure download the publish profile for the site. Also view the connection strings to the database because you'll need them to connect to the Newsletter Plus Software instance.

Next, in the settings you can change PHP version to 5.5 and configure IonCube.

Create a bin folder and upload the file ioncube_loader_win_5.5.dll. Restart the site to apply the settings.

Download Newsletter Plus Software (after paying), unblock the zip and unzip it into a folder. Open the folder and create web.config file.

After all steps you can go to Installation instructions of Newsletter Plus Software and make your installation.