Questions & Answers

Is this a hosted service?

No. Newsletter+ is a self hosted application that runs on your web server. Pay once and it's yours, there's no recurring fee.

What are the requirements?

You need an Apache server running a Unix like operating system (eg. Linux) with PHP, MySQL & mod_rewrite support. But hosting may impose restrictions, so we recommend to use a VPS server with RAM from 512 MB or higher.

Is Newsletter+ easy to setup?

Yes. Just follow our Get Started Guide to get up and running.

Will you update Newsletter+?

Yes of course! We're using Newsletter+ as well and will continually make it better and better. Updates are free within one year after purchase.

What's with Newsletter+ low pricing?

Some say the cheapest option isn't always the best value. What they may have failed to understand is that Newsletter+ is an app that you host yourself and that it uses Amazon's, Mandrill's, Mailgun's, Sendgrid's and UniOne's sophisticated email infrastructure built over the years to serve its own large-scale customer base.

Can I install Newsletter+ on multiple domains?

Newsletter+ can be installed on one domain per license. To install Newsletter+ on more domains, you need additional licenses. Licensed domain is just 'where you install Newsletter+ on'. You can send emails belonging to any domain you want. You can always send a request to change the domain for your license.

Are Newsletter+ files obfuscated?

Newsletter+ has Encoded and Open source versions. Basic license is encoded by IonCube Encoder and require IonCube Loader. Developer license has files are not obfuscated except for the installation and updates (one file). Premium license has 100% open source code. With Developer and Premium licenses you can edit the source code for your own personal use.

What's SES send rate and limit?

Once signed up for Amazon SES, submit the SES Sending Limits form to request for your desired daily sending limit. Eg. if you need to send 10k emails daily, request Amazon for a daily sending limit of 10k emails per day.