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Hello translators!

Newsletter+ includes translation support. You can safely translate the whole of Newsletter+ without worrying about future updates overwriting them. Translating is also easy, just follow this guide https://newsletterplus.net/main/translation

If you’re going to translate Newsletter+ into a particular language, you can do so at anytime. Or, check the translation category in this forum to see if anyone has started translation into your language. If so, I encourage you to reply the user’s thread to request to “co-translate” Newsletter+. You can even PM each other or request for each other’s email to communicate and send files. This will lead to a higher quality translation.

If no one has started translating into your language, you may want to start a new thread in the translation category to inform others (that’s if you want to co-translate with others).

Once the translation is done, post the language file in the existing thread so that I can download it and put it up on Newsletter+ website.

I will create a page on Newsletter+ website dedicated to downloading language files. Everyone who are involved will be credited with their name linked to their website.

Let me know if you have any questions!



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